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Simple Schedule

Day 1,   Saturday,  January 27, 2018
Arrival Registration

10:00am - 12:00pm

Arrival Registration < ROOM AB: First floor of building A>

14:00pm - 17:00pm




Day 2,  Sunday,  January 28, 2018
Speeches & Authors’ Presentations

<  Room AB>

Opening Remarks

Prof. Naoyuki Ishimura,
Chuo University, Japan

08:25am - 09:05am
<   Room AB  >

Keynote Speech 1
Prof. Po-Liang Liu, National Chung-Hsing University, Taiwan
Speech Title:  Ab initio study of phase stability in thin films

09:05am – 09:45am
<   Room AB  >

Keynote Speech 2
Prof. Naoyuki Ishimura, Chuo University, Japan
Speech Title:   Mathematical models for estimating the risk of epidemic outbreaks


Group Photo & Coffee Break

<   Room AB >

Plenary Speech 1
Prof. I-Ming Tang, King Mongkut's University of Technology, Thailand

<   Room AB >

Plenary Speech 2
Assoc. Prof. Kuo-Chih Chuang, Zhejiang University, China
Speech Title:    Investigation of phononic crystal beams using a fiber Bragg grating displacement sensing system

<   Room AB >

Plenary Speech 3
Assoc. Prof. Ratchatin Chancharoen, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
Speech Title:  Robotic Innovation and Research at Chulalongkorn University towards Thailand 4.0

<   Room AB >

Plenary Speech 4
Assoc. Prof. Vadim Rashitovich Gasiyarov
South Ural State University (National Research University), Russia
Speech Title:  Mathematical Modeling of Mechatronics System "Hydraulic Screwdown Mechanism - Electric Drive of Rolling Mill Stand


Lunch Time < Sea View Restaurant>

Afternoon Sessions

<    Room A  >

Invited Speech 1
Assoc.Prof. Tapas Kumar Maiti, Hiroshima University, Japan
Speech Title:     Multi-Discipline System Simulation for Robotics

<     Room B  >

Invited Speech 2
Prof. Dong-Won Jung, Jeju national University, Republic of Korea
Speech Title:     The spring back and bow defect  in roll forming process with pre-heating

<    Room C  >

Invited Speech 3
Dr. Lokendra K. Balyan, Indian Institute of Information Technology Design and Manufacturing Jabalpur, India
Speech Title:     Highly accurate pseudospectral approximation for nonlinear differential equations

<   Room D  >
Ground floor of
building C

Invited Speech 4
Prof. Prakash.S, Sathyabama University, India
Speech Title:      Some studies on wear behavior and metallurgical characteristics of aluminium, copper,zinc alloys

<   Room A  >

Invited Speech 5
Assoc. Prof. Shailendra Kumar, S.V.National Institute of Technology, India
Speech Title:       Knowledge Based System to Automate Die Design for Sheet Metal Industries

<    Room B  >

Invited Speech 6
Prof. Yusri Yusof, Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia, Malaysia
Speech Title:       Implementation of Fourth Industrial Revolution Project in UTHM

<    Room A >

Session 1 (13:20pm-15:40pm)

Topics:    Electrician Theory and Control Technology

Session 5

Topics:    Mechanical Design-Manufacturing and Automation

<   Room B >

Session 2

Topics:   Intelligent System Design & Measurement and Control Technology

Session 6

Topics:  Biomedical modeling and analysis

<   Room C >

Session 3

Topics:   Mathematical Theory and Applied Mathematics

Session 7

Topics:  Materials Science and Engineering

<   Room D >
Ground floor of
building C

Session 4

Topics:   Mathematical Modeling and Computation

Session 8

Topics:  Basic Theory and Methods of Physics


Coffee Break

Start from 18:30pm

Dinner Time< Sea View Restaurant>



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